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Edson Costa Santos Edson Costa Santos Sad, very sad indeed that things like that are still happening nowadays.
Elena Magnoni Elena Magnoni What you're doing it's so admirable, these children took my breath away. I didn't sleep for a week after I saw the story of the children in Eket center. I'm not feeling touched only but transformed by the will of helping you!!!!
antonio prieto ruiz antonio prieto ruiz Me ha conmovido el reportaje de 60 Minutos,he estado en los campamentos Saharawis en Argelia y en Mauritania y he visto cosas extremas pero esto de Nigeria es tremendo.
Paul Glover Paul Glover You need to create a way to pay by direct debit.
Cynthia Damico Cynthia Damico
Anna Kjśrgaard Anna Kjśrgaard
Linda van Stek Linda van Stek
Charrise Love Charrise Love
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