Thank SSN & CRARN for helping the children.

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Stepping Stones Nigeria works in partnership with local organizations in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria to build sustainable futures for some of the region's many disadvantaged children. Our approach focuses on four main areas:

Street Children: Working with the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) to meet the needs of abandoned street children who have been stigmatized as being "witches" or "wizards"

Education: Supporting the Stepping Stones Model school to provide an outstanding level of education to orphans and disadvantaged children

Literacy: Training and resourcing primary school teachers in the use of synthetic phonics to significantly raise literacy levels

Advocacy and Campaigning: Advocating for child rights at a local, regional, national and international level whilst campaigning for the prevention of the abandonment of children through the PACT campaign.

Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) is a charity organization with a firm belief in, and intent on safeguarding the rights of a child. It was founded in 2003 with a view to reducing the alarming rate of street and abandoned children and to ensure their rehabilitation, including other vulnerable children, particularly in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Worried by the increasing rate of abandoned and street children in our society and the attacks on them due to stigmatization that they are witches and wizards, and their susceptibility to child trafficking syndicates and ritualists, CRARN came up with an idealistic and a pragmatic approach to address this nagging issue. We believe that these children who are easy victims of modern-day slavery, cheap labor, rape and defilement could be harnessed to become responsible citizens via educational and vocational training.

CRARN hopes that if the issue of child abandonment and street children is properly addressed, a good number of children will not only be saved from the scourge of HIV/AIDS , and other dangers, but the society, too will be saved from the nuisance and security threat that will arise from them in the nearest future.

Let Stepping Stones Nigeria & Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network know that we appreciate what they are doing for the children.

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