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Micki Seven Micki Seven The Runaways should absolutely be added to the r&r hall of fame!!!
Donald Lane Donald Lane Have seen them in person, have all their albums, and feel they brought a lot of talent, music, and changes to the world of music for the female gender. Each member having a gift a talent in thier own way. Would love to see them inducted into the Hall of Fame! Have met them in person and was impressed as well as thrilled to be able to speak with them and see the talent and intelligence they hold.
Brittany Richmond Brittany Richmond The Runaways, we're the first teenage all girl rock n roll band, that's simply it! And they were actually good at the instruments too!
Michael Rees Michael Rees How can you not have the first all female rock band? especially since they were only 15 and 16 at the time
Geri Fairhurst Geri Fairhurst They deserve it!!!
Brittany J. Minor Brittany J. Minor These girls are some of the biggest influences to me.óż Cherie Currie is my IDOL! I even get my hair cut like her! Absoloutly worship these ladies(some more than others). They all totally deserve it!I mean, first ALL-GIRL ROCK N ROLL BAND, PEOPLE!!! LEGENDS!!
Cindy Hoch Cindy Hoch
Anastasia Opanaschyk Anastasia Opanaschyk Sign up to Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Runaways!
Chuck Peplinski Chuck Peplinski
debra Miro debra Miro
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