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Mark Grimshaw Mark Grimshaw I love Joan Jett!
sharon van straten sharon van straten the runaways belong in the hall of fame, they are the firt all round girl rock band!
Mana Gerželj Mana Gerželj THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
Charles Manly Charles Manly The Runaways clearly were an awesome and very unique band. This little band of talented, cute misfits are the heart and soul of American Rock n' Roll. To leave them out is to leave out an important part of American Rock n' Roll history.
charles Powell charles Powell
Bryan Bernstein Bryan Bernstein
ric  general ric general
Khanza Pavita Khanza Pavita I want The Runaways to be in the Hall of Fame because they were amazing and one of the first all-girl rock bands in the world, so I think they deserve this!
katie harrison katie harrison
Tracy Valentine-Williams Tracy Valentine-Williams
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