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Diane Bellar Diane Bellar They are the first all girl band and paved the way for all other women in Rock N Roll. If anyone deserves it they do. Not to mention Joan Jett, she is ROCK N ROLL and deserves to be in the hall of fame as an individual more than anyone I know.
Tatyana Tatyana Tatyana Tatyana AKAIK yo'vue got the answer in one!
Doug Jeffery Doug Jeffery
Rachel Silliman Rachel Silliman
Courtney Gardner Courtney Gardner The Runaways deserve to be memorialized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite the lack if women currently on display in the meuseum, the Runaways were and continue to be pioneers of women's involvement in rock music. I would greatly appreciate the involvement of these women on display and am sure that many other individuals support this cause. Thank you.
debbie ford debbie ford These women deserve to be in the hall of fame.they kicked ass .and was role model for girls to be anything that they wanted to be.so quit be jerks and put them in there.!!!!! Rock and roll forever bitches
art young art young The Runaways were a great Band and like all great Bands were a combination of energy, talent, and the members....in the case of Cherie Currie, Joan Jet, Lita Ford, Sandy West, and Jackie Fox and a crazy Kim Fowley/ Mercury Records we have a legacy. This legacy should be further noted in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
brian nugent brian nugent joan jett n lita ford nuff said.
Jeane Tornatore-Brodsky Jeane Tornatore-Brodsky Long overdue! Induct The Runaways without further delay! And The R&R HOF should include Joan Jett and The Blackhearts as well - at the same time. Joan's contributions to rock & roll, particularly for women of rock & roll, go unrecognized and unacknowledged by the HOF, year after year. SHAME ON YOU, HALL OF FAME! DO IT - NOW - THIS YEAR! At least those of us on Long Island recognize what she has accomplished, not only for the world of R&R, but for worthy, social causes as well. Maybe you all at the R&R HOF should open your eyes and expand your mind. You go, Joanie!
Elaine Hill Elaine Hill The Runaways were a seminal band, and an inspiration to women of my age when we were kids growing up in the 70s. They showed there was a place for women in rock and roll and it wasn't at the bottom of the heap, their music was amazing and still stands the test of time. Something Joan Jett continues to carry proudly and adeptly forward today. They and she deserve to be inducted, it is very long overdue
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