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Scott Cabalka Scott Cabalka The belong in the RRHOF!!
Terri Penny Terri Penny I really don't know just how more rock and roll The Runaways could have been. My question is why haven't they already been inducted? Joan and her Runaways are so way long over due. Huge dues were paid on their behalf. It's only fair to recognize them as they have certainly earned such a recognition! Please induct The Runaways!!! Thank you!!!!
James Hinton James Hinton Because they were the first all girl rock band. They was before Madonna and Go-Go's and any other female rock band. They started when times were hard the 70's at age of 15 & 16.
Tarea Sturrup Tarea Sturrup THEY ARE AWESOME!! they need to be honored in the rock hall of fame!!
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Brandi Cordell Brandi Cordell
Edward Rocksvold Edward Rocksvold The Runaways set the standard for female rock and roll bands. They sacraficed a lot for their music and we the fans benefitted far more than any of the members of the band. It's time for us to repay them with a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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