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Susan Robbins Susan Robbins It is very important to me and the million other fans in this country that The Moody Blues be awarded a place in the prestigious Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. It seems that everyone selected these days is young, but, this country is getting older and older and us baby boomers love rock, too, so let's all go down to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame when The Moody Blues have their rightful place in it! Thanks.
Raymond Turcek Raymond Turcek I have listen to the Moody Blues for 50 yrs not to have them in the Hall of Fame makes your hall a shame They are a class act and should be there
Christopher  Neeley Christopher Neeley What kind of Rock and Roll Hall of fame can exist without The Moody Blues
Robert Kedzierski Robert Kedzierski
Dee LaFleur Dee LaFleur
Kevin Carroll Kevin Carroll 22 years eligable and zero (o) nominations!! Sounds like politics to me. I will not spend a dime going to the RRHOF until the Moody Blues are inducted!!
Courtney Chandler Courtney Chandler it sickens me that they have not been inducted yet!!!! i have a feeling that when they FINALLY are their response will be extremely close to the same that Led Zeppelin gave when they FINALLY inducted them
Jeanne Chavez Jeanne Chavez It is about time you inducted this group into the Hall of Fame.
Sherlie Crowell Sherlie Crowell
Sherry Roeder Sherry Roeder I agree they should be in the hall of fame!!!
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