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kevin johnston kevin johnston Suzi IS Rock and Roll. If anyone deseves to be inducted it's her.
Michael Walker Michael Walker How the HOF can ignore Suzi Quatro yet nominate Joan Jett is beyond me! Mind you I do like JJ but Suzi Quato deserves to be in the HOF.
Liarne Clarke Liarne Clarke Hell yeah!!!
Jayne Thompson Jayne Thompson I don't know what being 'immortalized' technically means, but Suzi Quatro deserves it way more than anyone else. After all, she is The Wild One.
Brad Cunningham Brad Cunningham She belongs in the hall of fame now!
darrell johnson darrell johnson loved her since the 70's forever
Vicky Karli Vicky Karli
Mac McClure Mac McClure The leather lady has inspired so many and is a mean bass player to boot who deserves to be recognized for her incredible talent.
Milena Nicolini Milena Nicolini Mi sembra che sia proprio uno scandalo che non sia stata ancora "immortalized", come dite voi...
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