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DORIANA TAMBURINI DORIANA TAMBURINI She has been my very reason to go to England when I was 13 years old. I got my feelings towards her music into my veins and never left this feeling in my life. She has the most strong appeal of a Rock 'n 'Roll Lady in the world!
kristian edgcumbe kristian edgcumbe please everyone sign up for this petition so rock & roll legend SUZI QUATRO gets inducted to the rock & roll hall of fame cos she totally deserves it!
Jason Iffert Jason Iffert Suzi is an icon for all ages.
sharon westwood sharon westwood have been a suzi fan since i was 3 i am now 4o I grew up on Suzi and have introduced a lot of my younger friends to her She is the original chick of rock and roll and deserves her place in history
daniel  buccigrossi daniel buccigrossi If any artist belongs in the Hall of Fame it is Suzi Quatro. On her own she is an excellent bassist who can kick ass with any male bassists out there. Before Suzi there were no women guitarists...none...nanda...zippo. She was the first woman to pick up a guitar and build a band around her performance. She didn't just open the door for women guitarists, she kicked the mother off the hinge. Suzi gave an opportunity to Joan Jett, Lita Ford. Chrissy Hynde and every woman quitarist that came after. She is an inspiration and a trendsetter and she deserves to be in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
Siiri Kalev Siiri Kalev Suzi is THE female rock star of the 70's! There was no-one like her!
angela iceton angela iceton
Monica Koehn Monica Koehn She rocks!
Kyleigh Wieland Kyleigh Wieland If there is one person who deserves to be immortalized, it's Suzi Quatro! What a woman, what an inspiration to women all over the world. Love always, Kyle
meghan carson meghan carson
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