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tammie wilkes tammie wilkes suzi has been. and alway will b the queen of rock and roll
Alison Lawley Alison Lawley Long overdue
Richard Harper Richard Harper This girl ROCKS. Far less deserving people have been inaugerated into it so I think this is one person who definately deserves it. ROCK ON SUZI!!!!
Sergi MenÚndez Sergi MenÚndez I'm fourty years old and I was falling in love in Suzi since my tens and I still love her and enjoy his music.
James Nuttall James Nuttall Suzi Quatro IS the first woman of Rock and Roll and it is only right that she be admitted. If later women, who don't rock half as much as Suzi, can be admitted then surely the QUEEN of Rock and Roll deserves a place!!
Phillippa Preston Phillippa Preston She is already immortal
wharffie andrews wharffie andrews i hve been following suzi quatro since i first saw her on happy days. i am 46, live in australia and i hve been to see her 3 times. i idolize her and her music. she undoubtfully should be immortalized.now my 23 year old daughter is also a fan and my 3 year old grandson. loves 48 crash. my daughter just got tickets for us to see her in bendigo for my birthday. Rock on suzi
Lambertus Bouck Lambertus Bouck Suzi was my first concert back in 75 and she's been rocking the world since, no other woman in ROCK has been as influential,so lets get her into the hall before she's gone,she deserves the acclaim.
Tove  Thevik Tove Thevik Suzi Q should be inducted into the hall of fame.
Paula Varga Paula Varga
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