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Deborah McGrath Deborah McGrath Dear Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, Suzi Quatro is and probably always will be the QUEEN of POP. She sings and plays guitar and drums. She has been entertaining us since the 70's, and still entertains us in 2009. How do you seriously decide who is qualified enough and who isn't? I have seen Milli Vanilli registered in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Didn't they mime???
stephen stratton stephen stratton
Paul East Paul East How can you have a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not include Suzi Quatro (does she have to die first) She is one of the few living legends of rock who are still with us. Would you kindly review your position on this one! your faithfully - Paul East
Dallas Ryan Dallas Ryan
Renee Howell Renee Howell Suzi Quatro has done so much for the music industry and has been there for us. Let's be there for her...Please induct Suzi into the Rock Hall of Fame. Thank you. www.SuziQuatroRocks.com www.SuziQuatro.com
Jade Andrews Jade Andrews suzi rocks. i got bought up listening to her. i remember when i was 13 having a bath i was playing her songs pausing the tape until i wrote down all the words to her songs. now at 23 i know every word to every song
Connie Wilkins Connie Wilkins I can't describe how I feel about Suzi Quatro and her amazing free spirit, her attitide and most of all her music. She means business and "SHE'S BACK" FOR SURE I am so glad she is back and I think she should be immortalized. She has been a major part of my love of music since the 60's. I just love her and her confidence to KEEP ON ROCKIN! KEEP ROCKIN SUZI Q!
Martin Cooper Martin Cooper Go SUZI QUATRO You are the best, I love your music.
Mike   Jebrun Mike Jebrun Suzi - a great woman!
david hardy david hardy go suzi go
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