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Nikki  Whiteley Nikki Whiteley
Jay Siles Jay Siles YESSSSSSSSSSS!
Torgeir Solem Torgeir Solem I've been a big fan since the early 70s and would love to se Suzi Immortalized!!!
Klaus Garde Nielsen Klaus Garde Nielsen My vote to Suzi Quatro, one of the very few legendary performers!
Jacky Kelk Jacky Kelk Grew up with Suzi.She has paved the way for women rockers.
charlotte walsh charlotte walsh
Marc Wirick Marc Wirick SUZI QUATRO should be Hall of Fame bound, most definitely.
RICK  RICHARD MICHEAL BOZZO RICK RICHARD MICHEAL BOZZO GREETINGS FROM www.rickbozzo.com.....Former Michigan Bassist 4 ''Meatloaf's'' Popcorn Blizzard/Floating Circus and ''DICK WAGNER''also/w FROST/w ROBYN ROBBINS....
Diane Meeres Diane Meeres go Suzi, you were wonderful in Perth last year..can't get there this year..bummer
tiffany kenny tiffany kenny hell yeah i grew up with suzi. still have her albums adn i am only 23. rock on suzi q
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