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jean bebel jean bebel we love you in France
julie stockbridge julie stockbridge I have been a fan of Suzi since her first hit here in Perth back in the 70's. We were lucky enough to meet Suzi in 2005 at the airport when she arrived. Suzi's fans have never dwindled.... this woman of rock ' n ' roll is surely immortalised already.... please place the queen of rock on the list were she belongs..... IMMORTALIZED !!!
Loraine Holmes Loraine Holmes Suzi's music rocked me from 10 years old (1972!) - I was so hooked even my teachers used to nickname me "Quatro"! She continues to inspire me and her music is as fresh today as it was when she first started.
Rune Eriksson Rune Eriksson
Linda Murphy Linda Murphy She's absolutely amazing, and desrves to bein the rock hall of fame, suzi forever
Anne Clark Anne Clark
June Murray June Murray She is one of the original rock legend chics. Think your great Suzi.
Mandy Thomson-Dickson Mandy Thomson-Dickson Suzi is and always will be the Queen of Rock and Roll.. she had lead the way for so many female singers in this world and she deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame.
Elaine Armstrong Elaine Armstrong
Lisa Fuss Lisa Fuss Suzi is the first queen of rock & roll, she started it all in the early 70's- women rockers,born to rock, go Suzi Q we love you
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