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Ally Anthony Ally Anthony
Melanie Knight Melanie Knight Given that the door was held opened for Suzi by Janice, Suzi held it open for Joan, Chrissie, Melissa, Annie, and even Sarah Maclachlan, who's Lilith Fair flaunted the "boys club" refusal to promote more than one female on any given concert tour. We've come a long way, and though it didn't begin or end with Suzi, she was a significant influence, and deserving of recognition.
Cristina Duarte Cristina Duarte
Marissa Lopez Marissa Lopez suzi quatro influenced alot of ppl,Joan Jett,Sandy West, and many other male and female artist. she deserves it!
Lori My Lori My SHE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!
deanna medina deanna medina
David Harbold David Harbold c'mon already!
ray mew ray mew Never equaled but always imitated. She,s NO1.
Caitlin Hawtin Caitlin Hawtin she deserves some recognition!
Michael Warholak Michael Warholak
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