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Not only does it benefit woman but children as well. its not just woman in domestic violence children get caught in the cross fire and alot dont have the ability to stand up for them selves.

With the right information stressing the importance of support there is could really make a difference, to the many preventable lives taken each year through domestic violence.

Many people whom have suffered in silence have done because they are scared to say anything to anyone or are unaware of where to go for help. The victims tend to get to the point where they convince themselves that its their fault, Covering bruises and marks all the time feeling low and starting to slowly isolate them selves from friends and family then begin to doubt them selves how they look, not wanting to go the shop or see the doctor because they believe what he tells them as gospel, which you do because you have no outside contact no one to talk to or un aware of who could help. With the right support we could help hear those crying out.

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