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Stefanie Silveira Stefanie Silveira Students support the lectures!!!!!
Sofia  Roupakia Sofia Roupakia I support the strike of the lecturers union UCU and as a 'client' of UOW I expect its management to treat our lecturers with fairness rather than trying to tarnish our tutor's image and play us off against each other!! Your publicity (UOW) on the matter has been totally undignified and I demand that you (UOW) rectify this behaviour and resolve the dispute by negotiation with the union rather than your current misguided and underhanded campaign.
Adem Saykin Adem Saykin Students support lecturers at the University of Westminster
Susan Landre Susan Landre
Jon Goodbun Jon Goodbun SABE PhD students support collective bargaining rights!
Mehdi Khan-Mohammadi Mehdi Khan-Mohammadi
Ayse Su Dogru Ayse Su Dogru
francesca lo castro francesca lo castro
Mobin Achhala Mobin Achhala Students support the lecturers.. management have to sort it out....
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