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Peter McCarthy Peter McCarthy I am a recent graduate of Psychology BSc Hon, 2009. I am disgusted at the behaviour by the university and ashamed to have attended such an institution while this has been an ongoing problem.
Diallo Aissatou Diallo Aissatou
Cemal Yucetas Cemal Yucetas Fully support the strike.....
Caroline Ellis Caroline Ellis I disagree with the Deputy Vice Chancellor's statement about the strike action being damaging to students. It is damaging to students if the University doesn't lead the way in employment practice and staff development. I believe I am on a course which gives me access to the best teaching and to the most interesting, interested and committed tutors. The University puts that under threat by failing to prioritise investment in its staff.
Nicole Hansson Nicole Hansson
Selim Korycki Selim Korycki
maria josefa reyes santos maria josefa reyes santos i support strike
Tomas Hein Tomas Hein I endorse this petition for our teachers to recieve their back pay, and have equal salaries as those doing the same work at other universities. I speak for the tutors, lecturers and highly qualified professionals at the Media, Arts and Design department, as they put great energy and time into creating professional excellence, giving great education and transferring knowledge onto their students. By holding back payments, the universities management is depriving it's students, the core of any educational institution, of it's rights to study. We have already been deprived of two academic weeks by the reduction of a 12 week term to a 10 week term. As a foreign student who has gone through a lot of troubles in order to get the best education possible, I also demand the restitution of these 2 weeks in the next term. The university's administration has taken enough from us and our dear teachers. Yours sincerely, Tomas Hein
Sam Nightingale Sam Nightingale
Lorenzo  Durantini Lorenzo Durantini Complete support and solidarity.
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