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Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction - they indiscriminately incinerate people and contaminate air; soil; and water across national boundaries and across generations.

That's why the world agreed to work to eliminate nuclear weapons decades ago.

But now the Blair government has plans to build a new nuclear bomb to replace the current Trident nuclear weapons system. The Prime Minister, determined to rush through plans for its development before he leaves office; forced through a House of Commons vote in March. Despite the largest Labour back-bench rebellion since the Iraq War; forcing Blair to rely on Conservative support; he got his way.

By renewing, replacing or upgrading Trident; the UK will be breaking international law and the use of such a weapon would likely breach international humanitarian law through its indiscriminate and uncontrollable effects.

This move by our Prime Minister is threatening to wreck the global treaties that are our best hope of stopping nuclear weapons from spreading across the planet.

If we say that new nuclear weapons are essential for our defence; how can we tell other countries they don't also need them?

As the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency; Mohamed El Baradei; put it: "You cannot continue to have a cigarette dangling from your mouth and ask everybody else not to smoke."

And all this comes with an enormous price tag. The government will spend around 76 billion pounds on building and maintaining new nuclear weapons at a time when the greatest threat we face is not a nuclear attack; but climate change.

Sign the petition to make your voice heard and stop the current replacement program to the UK's nuclear arsenal.

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