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ElvaSvx ElvaSvx ElvaSvx ElvaSvx Hey guys!!! designs and builds specialty lines of lead oxide production equipment, material handling systems, battery related process machinery, parts, and accessories for the battery, pigment, glass, and chemical industries. http://techbasys.com offers technical application and engineering services to help the customer acheive maximum benefit from their equipment and manufacturing processes.
Gokce Yavuz Gokce Yavuz
Orlando Sarmiento Orlando Sarmiento
Daniel Pardo Daniel Pardo
Rocio Pardo Rocio Pardo
Mariana Reyes Mariana Reyes
Olmedo A. Obando Benjumea Olmedo A. Obando Benjumea
Maria Emma Rocha Maria Emma Rocha
Eduardo  Barrios Eduardo Barrios Terrible!! Sign this petition and help!!
Roslyn  Rivero Roslyn Rivero
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