Stop the torture of dogs and cats in South Korea

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We are trying to stop the brutal slaying of dogs and cats in South Korea,(hanging, blow-torching, boiling dogs and cats alive, skinning alive and electrocution). These animals are caged night and day in small cages with no room to move, defecate, breath, some are dead and rigomortified under others. Some dogs are still alive when they come out of the whirlpool of boiling water and to finish them off they are blowtorched to remove the rest of their fur. Cats are beaten to death in sack to make cat soup. South Korea does have an Animal Protection Law 1991 but the government turns a blind eye and let these poor animals be killed in cruel inhumane ways. There are over 6000 resturants in South Korea that have dog and cat on the menu. Over 2 million dogs and cats are killed inhumanely each year to satisfy the need to eat dogs and cats. This must be stopped, no more pain for these animals.By putting pressure on the South Korean government we can insist on better treatment of animals

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