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Audrey Otti Lynch Audrey Otti Lynch
Alec Bracegirdle Alec Bracegirdle
Fausto Ricchi Fausto Ricchi
tony galea tony galea leave the whales alone you slant eyed murdering sushi munching bastards!
Dr Jennifer Williams Dr Jennifer Williams The Japanese continue to kill endangered species under the false pretext of scientific research. Enough is enough. We need to stand up for the whales before there are none left.
Natasja Scabar Natasja Scabar The whales and similar animals are so friendly, pacific and nice. How could Japanises killing these?
Marco Mongardi Marco Mongardi
paul anderson paul anderson the australian government should be ashamed at their lack of action in protecting animals in our soverign waters.
Ivona Parkaceva Ivona Parkaceva
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