Stop The Japanese Whaling

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Stop The Japanese Whaling

Help Stop Japan's Scientific Whaling

After the ban on international commercial whaling in 1986, Japan started a scientific research project to provide a basis for the resumption of sustainable whaling.

The research is conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), a privately-owned, non-profit institution. The institute receives its funding from government subsidies and Kyodo Senpaku, which handles processing and marketing of the by products.

The research whaling program costs 500 million yen ($A5 million) of taxpayer-funded subsidies each year. Since 1994, Japan has spent almost 100 billion yen attracting votes for the support of whaling at the International Whaling Commission.

Japan carries out its research in two areas; the North-West Pacific Ocean (JARPN II) and the Antarctic Ocean (JARPA) Southern Hemisphere catch. The 2007/2008 JARPA mission had a quota of 900 minke whales and 50 fin whales.

Japan's research whaling needs to be exposed in Japanese society as a scandalous waste of money and life.

When the whaling fleet left its home port of Shimonoseki in November, the government of Japan confirmed the sole purpose behind its so-called science program is to bring about a return to commercial whaling.

“The Japanese people clearly do not support the whaling that is being carried out in their name, and with their tax money”, said Junichi Sato, whales project leader for Greenpeace Japan. “It is time for Prime Minister Fukuda to put an end to Japan’s whaling scandal, and to recall the fleet home to Japan.”

There is no need to cruelly kill whales in order to research them, especially when other non-lethal research methods exist. The Australian Government can pursue an injunction to halt Japan's whaling program within 14 days.

It is bad enough that they continue to slaughter the relatively small minke whales on spurious research grounds. Or that they kill highly intelligent dolphins, or that they continue to blindly overfish migratory tuna to the extent these mighty fish will one day be gone. Now they are proposing to kill fin whales and the mysterious and gentle humpbacks, both species that are still threatened.

The Australian Government must stop Japan killing any more whales in the Southern Ocean by taking legal action now.

Sign the petition to stop the Japanese whaling and for a legal challenge to be mounted by the Australian government.

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