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annemarie ohara annemarie ohara
roisin duffy roisin duffy
Acacia  Duffy Acacia Duffy
carol froberg carol froberg
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
McKenzie Duncan McKenzie Duncan
Charlene Arcadipane Charlene Arcadipane Stop the dolphin slaughter
Rachel Fernihough Rachel Fernihough This is so cruel, and I will never visit japan or any part of that side of the world until this cruelty stops and that goes for the killing of dolphins, sharks and cats and dogs, I read more and more about cruelty and most of it is from japan, china and that part of the world, if you carry on we will have nothing left, our children won't know what most animals are coz your wiping them out, why do you have to kill them, grow vegetables like most countries, I'm sure veg is better for you than dolphins, whales, dogs and cats, it really is barbaric and I tell everyone what you do. We are nearly in 2014 and the cruelty just gets worse. If you had a baby and it was taken away from you then you was killed, how would you feel just before you died knowing that your child will be a prisoner for the rest of its life. Please stop this cruelty and make this world a better place for our children to grow up in.
karen Hayward karen Hayward This place in Japan is what the goverment keeps going, getting money for greed and death. No one can say this is tradition. Its not got any place in this age and must be stopped.
Ailbhe Larkin Ailbhe Larkin
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