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Michał Lepczyński Michał Lepczyński
Kimberly Tilley Kimberly Tilley I do not drink coffee. 1. I do not care for the taste. 2. I do not care to have yellow teeth 3. coffee farmers to do not get the respect and payments they need to live. 4. coffee farmers destroy the environment, planting in protected forests, killing animals to protect their crop.
Alan Kardoff Alan Kardoff
Suzie Gordon Suzie Gordon
Jenny Vegan Jenny Vegan Starbucks, please start recognizing the rights and welfare of senient, sapient beings - humans and animals alike.
Paul Simons Paul Simons Its not even very good coffe
Paul Simons Paul Simons Its not even very good coffe
John  Boyle John Boyle
Michele Geluso Michele Geluso
Rachel Cladingbowl Rachel Cladingbowl The conduct of starbucks, a huge company, is disgraceful. Starbucks should not be putting money above the quality of human lives. This exploitation must stop and I will not be giving starbucks custom until it has. I am also appalled at the growth hormones present in the milk..at home I will only drink organic milk anyway.
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