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Nicola Shirlaw Nicola Shirlaw
Inger Frykberg Inger Frykberg
Nanna Frykberg Nanna Frykberg
Mary Alexander Mary Alexander
Katherine Dillingham Katherine Dillingham
Kai Baldock Kai Baldock
Jane Fullworth Jane Fullworth I hate american chains
michael allen michael allen The Council officers in positions of influence in this matter should be more answerable to the decisions they have been making about Starbucks and the ludicrous self-definition of being a coffee store as opposed to a café, as if it should matter. It's Starbucks! Finally it's no use simply aiming for Starbucks who are behaving normally for a global giant. Is C. Elphick the man to address?
Panagiotis Rigopoulos Panagiotis Rigopoulos
zanete ence zanete ence ;kskdjflgzsjkzdfhgbasdfb
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