Stop SH 45 SW NOW!


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Stop SH 45 SW NOW!

We are a coalition of taxpayers, commuters, environmentalists, and neighbors uniting against the construction of State Highway 45 SW toll road. Our primary objections are that the highway/toll road:

* Will Clog Mopac: Building State Highway 45 Southwest will bring inter-regional traffic to South Mopac, changing South Mopac from an already-congested local commuter road into a gridlocked, noisy bypass for I-35 traffic.

* is Fiscally Irresponsible: TxDOT is broke, and our local funding sources are running dry. It makes no sense for Travis County taxpayers to spend $100 million on a road that will primarily serve Hays County commuters at the expense of current Mopac commuters and Barton Springs. Cheaper, quicker, and feasible solutions would direct more FM1626 commuters to Manchaca, I-35, carpooling, and other non-destructive options. In the longer term, regional rail will connect northern Hays county to central Austin.

* Promotes Sprawl: Our very limited transportation funds must be directed at encouraging less driving and more sustainable patterns of growth. Building 45 Southwest will only encourage more long-distance commuting. Central Texas is already close to reaching Ozone non-attainment status. 45 Southwest will further pollute our air, pave over ranch lands and endangered wildlife habitat, and harm our region.

* Pollutes Our Aquifer: Decade after decade, our community has reaffirmed its commitment to preserving and protecting Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer. Building a road directly over the recharge zone and Flint Ridge Cave will lead to groundwater pollution and habitat degradation.

* There are cheaper and Better Alternatives: Several alternatives analyzed by our traffic engineer prove to be more cost-effective and provide more broad-based benefits than SH 45 SW. Completing the flyovers at I35 and Ben White, improving FM 1626 to Manchaca, and implementing passenger rail service on the Union Pacific rail line are all superior solutions. Building SH 45 SW will not solve traffic problems on Brodie Lane while only making Mopac traffic much worse.

We urge all citizens and our elected leaders to unite against this road and pursue alternatives to further sprawl and traffic congestion.

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