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Giulia Luca Giulia Luca
fxbdonjd fxbdonjd fxbdonjd fxbdonjd kpMxPl eydxkxrtgvix, [url=http://ngzcxkmawpmk.com/]ngzcxkmawpmk[/url], [link=http://syajyjgsronc.com/]syajyjgsronc[/link], http://uxkkafhmbuga.com/
Lavinia Kruger Lavinia Kruger I had the blessing of knowing some parts of Africa, and it was hard for a European girl to see how africans were trated by whites and how nobody had thoughts about it. But it's much worse to see africans kill africans. Stop the killing in name of power and people's freedom.
mike downs mike downs
Kelli Stowe Kelli Stowe
Suzie Gordon Suzie Gordon
cheryll gosforth cheryll gosforth
jules hudson jules hudson
Julian Brackenbury Julian Brackenbury Mugabe must go. My girlfriend is from Zim, I am from the UK. It is so sad that she has no country to live in - Mugabe has destroyed it.
Sophie Szeferowicz Sophie Szeferowicz DEMOCRACY !
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