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Wend Flook Wend Flook I cannot understand how the world can just sit and watch while a man like Mugabe orders the slaughter of so many people, Britain says it's up to the African nations to stop him, why then was it our business to give the evil dictator a knighthood? I am repulsed by everything, it was our business to go into Iraq and Afghanistan, yet its not our business to stop this evil animal, I am not surprised Morgan has stood down, he isn't getting any help from the outside world, he must feel so helpless, what a world we live in when one man and his evil regime can go around murdering all n sundry while the rest of the world looks on!
Volker Gerdes Volker Gerdes
tom tinkler tom tinkler I am ashamed of the western first world governments. It is ok to invade iraq when oil supplies are at risk but we will let a country yearning for democracy be beaten, raped and murdered into submission. But western first world governments have no interest in the suffering of African people. The western world should have stopped recognising mugabe as leader of Zimbabwe and he should not be allowed to enter any other country - never mind attend summits and the like.
Panagiotis Rigopoulos Panagiotis Rigopoulos
Edward Cannon Edward Cannon
Jenn Walt Jenn Walt
zanete ence zanete ence kbsdkjga
hello zeanette hello zeanette
WENDY ROBINSON WENDY ROBINSON This man...ex president Mugabe actually....MUST be stopped...He is barbaric..out of date...no respect for human rights...Has no respect for his people..their freedom to choose a party to represent their views..or fairness of process...The world reports that his people are being intimidated, arrested, beaten, burnt, and / or murdered to deter them from voting for the opposition is beyond belief..FREE Zimbabwe...say no to Mugabe!!!!!
Daniel White Daniel White He's just like Saddam Hussein!
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