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Philip Harding Philip Harding This must end.
Hazel  Selby Hazel Selby
cathy annabel cathy annabel
Brock Perry Brock Perry The world cannot turn a blind eye to Mugabe's regime as the people of Zimbabwe are living in a country ravaged by cholera and lack of food.
Milo Toivonen Milo Toivonen
Alan Munday Alan Munday
Luisa Evans Luisa Evans How can the world let this happen. Please all the governments out there, go in and stop this horrific crime. What are the reasons for not stopping this? Lack of resources, ie oil? come on.
Rebecca Mason Rebecca Mason
dianne mckenna dianne mckenna
Nichola Horn Nichola Horn How long do we sit back & wait for another Rwanda to happen? We need to urge our governments to take decisive action to help these people get rid of this violent dictator & regime.
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