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Kai Baldock Kai Baldock
Richard Boase Richard Boase
Kat Karref Kat Karref
J. Alfred Prufrock J. Alfred Prufrock It's a pity an entire nation has to die because of one man's greed. And it's a shame that countries band together to invade Iraq but stand by and watch the destruction of Zimbabwe and other African nations.
Mark Siddall Mark Siddall
Erika Bach Erika Bach Mr. Mugabe is a tyrant and must step down. He is ruining his country, once one of the most prosperous in Africa and now one of the poorest. His work as a freedom fighter is not meaningless. Bring democracy, change and lots of foreign aid to Zimbabwe and restore private ownership of farms, which will employ people and generate wealth agai
Ben Brooks Ben Brooks Mugabe MUST DIE!!!
Hezvo Mpunga Hezvo Mpunga Mugabe should be charged by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity.
Rachel North Rachel North Mugabe is a pig.
James Wild James Wild Mugabe must be stopped and brought to justice for crimes against humanity
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