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Barb Miller Barb Miller We must get South Africa and the EU to stop all trade with Mugabe NOW...sign up...we can't allow him to stay in power one more day. He is the black Hilter of Africa.
David Naylor David Naylor I have just watched the documentry 'Mugabe and the White African' and I am totally appalled, angry and feel there must be something we can do as a collective to pressure our government to join forces to intervene.
Georgie Gibb Georgie Gibb
Rob Brooks Rob Brooks Stop Robert Mugabe!! I would like to do everything possible to make thgis happen and will do my utmost to help!!
Sarah Holiday Sarah Holiday
George  Quinn George Quinn I have watched the 'Mugabe and the white african' film and it has changed my life. I am shocked and frightened at how this MONSTERs actions are resembling those of Hitler, and I want to stamp this racist scum off the face of earth.
Nirankar Singh Nirankar Singh
Chuckelberry Finn Chuckelberry Finn Join zimfix.com, the only way things will be changed!
JANET CONSTABLE JANET CONSTABLE How the rest of the world has allowed this despot to continue, is beyond me.
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