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Krittitud Krittitud Krittitud Krittitud My knowledge of Korea is three years out of date, but unsels they have made changes, being the head of the Korean Workers Party does not make Kim Jonh-un the de facto head of state. Being the head of the National Defense Commission would do that. Unlike Kim Il-sung, the grandfather, who gave legitimacy of the Korean Workers Party and used it to balance the military, Kim Jong-il has governed through the military as the Chairman of the NDC. As for the generals getting rid of Kim Jong-un, that's what all the defense analysts were saying about Kim Jong-il when KIS died. Yet he survived quite well. My best guess is that the same nation that gave us Juche, the Communist' Kim dynasty, and the Moonies could also give North Korea another miserable decade or two of almost survival under the latest whatever leader.
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Mirela Mirela Mirela Mirela I think there is a power struggle at the momnet, especially if the father is getting old and ill. Didn't he disappear some while ago and then turn up (or maybe he didn't) at a football game. If I was general, I would be looking at Kim and thinking when your father dies, you get buried with him. All you need is big Kim to die, Korea to have another shocking famine, which looks like happening, and you position yourself as the gentle dictatorship to save the people and give the olive branch to the rest of the world. Stop the nuclear programme and that will save money, and get free aid and you look good. Isn't there something in Kaplans CA essay that people don't care about their political masters as long as their material comforts are met or words to that effect?Zimbabwe deep down do we care?
Bianca Bianca Bianca Bianca Western papers are hanvig a good laugh at this but how is it any different than Canada with our $600B debt, or the U.S with 14 Trillion? If forced to work on cash only we'd be well into our overdraft.
David Hackett David Hackett Mugabe is an international problem and has proven repeatedly he is not fit to hold any public office.
Benjamin Clements Benjamin Clements These crimes are unacceptable and must stop.
Dominic Simpson Dominic Simpson
Sam Hudson Sam Hudson How he gets away with this land reformation program, is an utter disgrace. Even more mortifying is the fact the international community does nothing to stop this ethnic cleansing that he is doing. I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot would this be allowed?
Michael Rennie Michael Rennie
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