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Zimbabwe state security agents have stepped up the use of torture against civilians whilst African Union is watching, with 19 cases of torture reported in the month of March alone against only three cases recorded the previous two months, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum (ZHRF) said this week. The Commission for people and human rights in the African Union have been told but nothing is being done. Why?

Torture is outlawed in Zimbabwe and the Harare government has in the past denied reports by the ZHRF, even South African government has said there is no evidance of violenca in Zimbabwe, but churches and pro-democracy groups said that the army and police routinely commit torture against perceived opposition supporters. "The month of March saw a rise in incidents of torture," said the Forum, in a report on political violence in the month of March that was released earlier this week but made available to Zim Online on Friday.

President Robert Mugabe has even admitted to ordering the police to assault his opposition rival Morgan Tsvangirai following the political demonstration on the 12th March.

Robert Mugabe's desperate attempts to cling on to power are plunging Zimbabwe into ever greater chaos. These attacks on democratic opposition leaders must end now. Please add your signature below to urge Zimbabwe's two main trading partners, South Africa and the European Union, adopt and enforce tougher sanctions targeting Mugabe and his top aides.

Please sign this petition to press the international community to take action against Mugabe and save the people of Zimbabwe from starvation, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, lack of justice, lack of freedoms and human rights. Act now.

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