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Alex Hughes Alex Hughes
Brennan Piercey Brennan Piercey
annemarie ohara annemarie ohara
Alice Cat Alice Cat We need to stop this!!! Animals are suffering for ther fur and pelts and one day they might as well go extinct .
Carolina Allesch Carolina Allesch
Pam Lewes Pam Lewes Please stop this animal cruelty to animals, especially the bunnies/rabbits!
aimee ruhe aimee ruhe
Aimee Benson Aimee Benson I'm so sick to my stomach. This just makes me ill. How can we make it stop!
Leigha Ray Leigha Ray Knock it off already!
Janet Janet Janet Janet All animals have feelings ! They might not talk but they are just like the humans we came in this world to visit not to treat them like of they are not alive ! Animal skinning needs to stop ! It's cruelty and should not be legal to do that ! China has to change the laws and they have to open their heart to hear each one of our voices
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