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Jane Burgess Jane Burgess I cannot condone this terrible treatment of cats and dogs under any circumstances. Please show respect to animals and ensure a caring and compassionate community.
Andrea Nemec Andrea Nemec
valda purvis valda purvis What does this depravity tell you about a culture that committs such horrendous cruelty on defencless animal's -they have lost their humanity-there are many Chinese people of course who are fighting to bring in laws to protect the animals from this obscenity -my heart goes out to these poor animals-death to them will be happy release from untold -misery and agony -to their murderers I wish you Karma -tenfold.
Yvonne  Fast Yvonne Fast This is cruelty beyond words! How can a human, any human, do this to a living creature? It is beyond comprehension. How can a nation, any nation, allow it? This is against all ethics and moral, and it has to stop! Poor animals!
Ginger Geronimo Ginger Geronimo
natasha salgado natasha salgado Please stop this sadistic cruelty for gods sake---poor poor innocent animals. Shame on you.
Jan Garen Jan Garen
Christine Field Christine Field This is vile and barbaric!!!!!!!!
Christeen Anderson Christeen Anderson
Penny Bacon Penny Bacon This is pure torture, no animal deserves such pain! It's barbaric and shows how primitive this country is.
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