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Finlay  Lovett Finlay Lovett i want all the people who do this to die!
sabrina coessens sabrina coessens STOP TORTERING AND KILLING OUR DEAR HAIRY FRIENDS !!
Nancy Laurentia Nancy Laurentia
Sherri Martin Sherri Martin
lorraine winson lorraine winson
elaine mackie elaine mackie Disgusting trade...needs to be stopped now not later!!!
Dee  Rojek Dee Rojek The world needs to be aware of China's excrutiating live torture of God's creatures for amusement and profit. Disgusting human beings. We all need to stop buying anything "Made in China".
Roselyn Jordan Roselyn Jordan Stop the horrific torture of these innocent animals!!!
sandra sheehy sandra sheehy
Elena Mason Elena Mason Please help these animals. We must stop this horrible practice.
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