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jenny smith jenny smith This is in humane behaviour. Torturing animals for vanity and fashion. I thought that china was built on intelligent people. but it seems there not that intelligent if they don't even know how to care for animals. Maybe they need to know the basics of good and bad. Also you know that everything from china is badly made and brakes. Bad quality from bad people.
Kate Everett Kate Everett
edwina smith edwina smith cruel beyond words....
Lydia  Clancy Lydia Clancy This needs to stop.
Benjamin Tan Benjamin Tan Fashion drives this
Kate Johnstone Kate Johnstone
Victoria Rushton Victoria Rushton This has to end, we should have more respect for animals. They give us so much and we should treat them well. Please end this cruelty.
Dawn Eastman Dawn Eastman I wish we could do to them as they do to animals. Things would change quickly.
Sherri Decker Sherri Decker
Amber Lee Amber Lee
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