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Shannon McGeachan Shannon McGeachan This is disgraceful and i hope the people doing this burn in eternity in their after life.
carol taylor carol taylor This has to be stopped. Let's get the ball rolling. We need to get a petition started. Then send it to david Cameron. I'm sure Paul gradley would help. Let's do this asap. I'm so so sad and angry.
Sam Perrins Sam Perrins
Rachael Flynn Rachael Flynn
Antony Corrigan Antony Corrigan Disgusting and deeply inhumane!
Zoe Harrison Zoe Harrison
Lana Owens Lana Owens
Chris Conrad Chris Conrad Why can't we go over there, find those bastards who are doing it and skin them ?
Colin Walker Colin Walker This has got to STOP NOW
Shannah Slagle Shannah Slagle This is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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