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Dzaneta Bublis Dzaneta Bublis
Nyree  Bergeest Nyree Bergeest This has to stop! Fur farms, animal breeding mills, people in general who keep letting their pets pump out 'cute' babies! It's fucking sick! Let's skin a few people alive and see the uproar that happens then! Worthless, compassion less monsters!!!!
Debbie Lee Debbie Lee Stop the live skinning of animals in China!
ausra matutis ausra matutis
Joanna Poulter Joanna Poulter This MUST BE STOPPED
Kelly Greer Kelly Greer
Colin  Kelbie Colin Kelbie This is sick and should never happen in any pleace in the world.
Ian Ianatron Ian Ianatron Let's stop these sick,, greedy, dishonorable, shameless, non-caring bastards.
Veronica Jones Veronica Jones
Amy Hill Amy Hill How heartless can people get? Id like to take everyone of them that have done this & give them the same treatment & see how they like it. Curel gits
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