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medo gozdni medo gozdni
Bahareh Karimi Bahareh Karimi
McKenzie Duncan McKenzie Duncan
Dewi Rahayu Dewi Rahayu How can we stop these sick and very sad painful deaths of creatures who know nothing but to survive in such a vicious human world of greed? Please do something.
leyla Tahouri leyla Tahouri
Jennifer Hilson Jennifer Hilson
Karen Morcom Karen Morcom
marie richmond marie richmond This is just a total disgrace the pain and terror these poor animals suffer is just heartbreaking I has to stop Now just shows how evil humans are
Jillian Neale Jillian Neale We cannot allow this to happen and we cannot allow animals to suffer this way. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." --Ghandi
Nikki Lawson Nikki Lawson This barbaric behaviour has to stop NOW! It's sickening to watch and know that this is going on! These people need to know what they are doing and should be locked up for their work. The law needs to change as this is unacceptable! Countries and companies need to take the responsibility of understanding their product knowledge and realise that they will lose trading and customers if they have dealt with these evil people...all because it's cheaper, easier. We live in a day where fair trading now happens, we need to extend this to animals. There is no excuse for this to be happening and it HAS TO STOP NOW! Papers should be printing these in their papers for all to see as sadly we are a world of " what we don't see or know" Tougher sentences and regulations need to be put in place. People unite when they know it's wrong, but they will only know it's wrong if it's put out there and someone takes responsibility! Take responsibility. Look at where your products come from. Read the art
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