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Natalia Ramnauth Natalia Ramnauth It's inhumane! It's tragic! Must be stopped!!!!!
Valerie Charette Valerie Charette This has to stop!
Jessica Carriere Jessica Carriere
Brianna Murphy Brianna Murphy This is just heartless. How awful can one human being be to have the mental capacity to do this.
suzanne downham suzanne downham
lisa gatley lisa gatley I was disgusted to hear about the skinning of live animals in China .. These people claim to be part of the human race .. SHAME ON THEM .. This needs to be stopped NOW .. and the people involved served the harshes penalties possible ..This kind of behaviour is NOT acceptable ..
Holly  Anderson Holly Anderson
rebecca ross rebecca ross its so crel and should be stopped immediatley
samantha greer samantha greer i think this is brilliant and they should pay for what they do to theses poor animals
rhiannan loudoun rhiannan loudoun
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