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Ljiljana Milic Ljiljana Milic
Marlena Durkowska Marlena Durkowska
Dalila OUAI Dalila OUAI Stop cruelty
Kelly Rogers Kelly Rogers This Barbaric antiquated torturous practice needs to end today. I am unable to finish my thoughts as I am dismayed at the utter repulsive cruelty of this. Please stop
Giana Peranio Paz Giana Peranio Paz This is unacceptable, the torture, the cruelty, have you no respect for living things? Would you do the same to your children? Disgusting, inhuman, a shame to the whole human race! Don't you have enough alternatives to eat????
sarah wilkey sarah wilkey I always sign these petitions to try and stop such horrific violence to animals. I just hope that someone out there who will take notice of all these complaints and do something about it! This is disgusting.
jesse singh jesse singh
Benjamin Clements Benjamin Clements This cruelty must stop.
gerry clark gerry clark
Helene  Claes Helene Claes
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