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robert stockstill robert stockstill Please do everything possible to slow the warming of the Earth's atmosphere. Regardless of the size of our bank account, we all share this fragile biosphere and thus responsibility for preserving it. Thank you.
Suzie Gordon Suzie Gordon
Jenny Vegan Jenny Vegan Esso, please put the planet before profit.
William Pyle William Pyle
Mary Molanry Mary Molanry
Sara Summers Sara Summers How can anyone deny whats happening to our planet?
ROB PRIDIGE ROB PRIDIGE yup im behind this
izabella perry izabella perry It's just not fucking right to use our natural reasources up and ruin this planet for future generations and the ecosystem so those fucking suits can sit on their billions and not give a damn. bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia Berlosconi Claudia Berlosconi Si Io penso che si
Greanpeace Campaign Greanpeace Campaign
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