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gail dair gail dair
Runa Storen Runa Storen I am from norway and here we dont eat guineapigs. in some counries they eat them. thats very very bad!! i realy hope we someone can make this end! I did have two guineapigs, so im cuite discusted!!!!
Annie Frykberg Annie Frykberg
Adva Bar Adva Bar I hope people understand that they are part of nature, not above it.
annmarie devine annmarie devine
Mary Alexander Mary Alexander This is outrageous! I didn't even know such a thing existed--eating guinea pigs? Just when I thought humans couldn't sink any lower...
Allia Sia Allia Sia I HATE WHEN PEOPLE EAT G-PIGS!!!! I need to stop this!!!!!!1
Geraldine Murray Geraldine Murray I understand thats its just part of south american culture but its one of these things that i cant get my head around. Guinea Pigs are pets.... not food!
sinead  kearsey sinead kearsey
Kellie Sentance Kellie Sentance
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