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Nikki  Nikki Nikki Nikki This is just sick that people would eat them, I have one and he is to cute to harm... I love him
Ashley LaRock Ashley LaRock Okay, I love em. I really do but thats a little creepy knowing people accually eat em. I feel bad 4 em. Their really cute. Their Not PIGS where you eatt em as hot-dogs and stuff. Their pets. Cute, harmless cage pets. Need love as anyone would need, But no, thats sick
Joseph  Diaz Joseph Diaz Don't Eat Guinea Pigs ! They are lovely adorable pets. I have 6 !!! You wouldn't like being Eaten ...
claire lloyd claire lloyd I have two guinea pigs, their individuals with characters of their own just like any other dog or cat or animal, and they should not be eaten. There is no need to eat them, and ''tradition'' is not an excuse for murder. STOP EATING GUINEA PIGS!.
Catherine Grejon Catherine Grejon
yessenia diaz yessenia diaz guinea pigs are pets to lots of people, and its wrong. :(
Darlene Davis Darlene Davis
Inger Frykberg Inger Frykberg
Nanna Frykberg Nanna Frykberg
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