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lylly cry lylly cry totally agree.....
Arezoo Arezoo Arezoo Arezoo
tasha skye tasha skye i totally agree i have 4 bu2ful guineapigs my self and im sick of people saying how nice guineapig taste pet shops sell them as pets not food MESSAGE FOR PERU STOP EATING THESE ANIMALS EVERYONE WHO AGREES GO TO MY WEBSITE www.4guineapiglovers.yolasite.com THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE TAKE KEA AND GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WITH THIS SURVEY EVERYONE DESERVES THE RIGHT TO SPEAK.
valerie hermant valerie hermant
Julia Tawyea Julia Tawyea
vicki johnson vicki johnson
katarina hradilek katarina hradilek Guinea pigs are the sweetest animals!
Regina Bruchmueller Regina Bruchmueller No comment!
Reem Idris Reem Idris
Deborah Drammeh Deborah Drammeh
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