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Kai Kai Kai Kai I'm peruvian and in my country they eat ginea pigs like candy. I have ginea pigs of my own and I would die to even protect them. Maybe i can't stop the world from eating them or killing them when their not bought in pet stores but what I ask is for people to put themselves in the animals shoes not knowing they will be killed or eaten. Humanity doesn't have to go so far as to eating certain creatures that are harmless. I can't even visit my home country because i'll only be filled with rage seeing innocent animals eaten. Everything that carries life like us also feels pain and love. I just wish for once humanity would look in the mirror and ask themselves if they have taken a life. Maybe not a human beings but a poor animal of god.
Leonora Lentati Leonora Lentati
Hannah Mjfan Hannah Mjfan
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Paulina Paulina Paulina Paulina Got it! Thanks a lot again for heilnpg me out!
Luisa Meisner Luisa Meisner
Julie Cavalca Julie Cavalca
Dannielle Dymock Dannielle Dymock This is wrong to be eating guinea pigs, they should be treated equally like any other pet animal.
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