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Courteney Padgett Courteney Padgett guinea pigs are loyal and loving creatures who dont deserve to be eatin like this guinea pigs are not supposed to be cooked they are supposed to be cuddled
michelle harris michelle harris
Nidyrea 1234567890 Nidyrea 1234567890 Wat is rong wit u people eatin guini pigs .....ever heard of dis YO MO it means u only live live once so don't go messing with others guini pigs have lifes just like we do so don't go ending theirs just cause they taste good to u...how SICK CANU PEOPLE BE GUINI PIGS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!:-:(:(:($&:(
jordan sickafoose jordan sickafoose thinking about eating guinea pigs now thats wrong but when YOU actually try one now im descusted and frightened of you.
Haleigh Rice Haleigh Rice Okay, seriously. Idgaf what your culture is, why would you eat a poor hopeless animal like a guinea pig? That's sick and disgusting, and its cruel.
Lexy Catlow Lexy Catlow Eating piggies is barbaric. How can you eat something so cute and fuzzy?..
Olivia Taylor Olivia Taylor
Kylah Brown Kylah Brown Guinea pigs are my passion. I have two of them. I want to stop cuy farming in Peru and other countries. Cavies are my favorite kind of animals! Stop eating guinea pigs! I support your cause completely!
Regina Toledo Regina Toledo In Peru guinea pigs has become a national dish and an atraction for turists. It is terrible !!!! They have "cuys farms". No respect at all for them, from peruvians and from foreigns.
Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon
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