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medo gozdni medo gozdni
tulliah rogers tulliah rogers i really really love guinea pigs my guineapigs ( muffins and patches) are beautiful innocent little creatures
Melissa Tosh Melissa Tosh Eating guinea pigs is cruel and not needed. This makes me sick. Please stop
Catie Anderson Catie Anderson I believe guinea pigs are innocent and should be treated with love. This creature is beautiful, loving, and a very good snuggle. They should not be treated this horrible getting eaten?! Seeing pictures of them actually alive and in a box people just picking them out of the box ALIVE and put them in their carts like they are a grocery's! This really breaks my heart and traumatizes me. I love guinea pigs seeing these people doing this to innocent loving creatures is horrible.
Alexis Noelle Alexis Noelle If it's bad to eat dogs it should also be bad to eat guinea pigs.
Torres Bede Torres Bede Guinea pigs HAVE FEELINGS and need rights! It's like eating dogs! Stop it!
Susan Tipping Susan Tipping I have a guinea pig myself and I am definitely against such a cute, sweet and loving pet being eaten. They should be well loved and taken care of as pets not treated as food.
Jose Jey Jose Jey I agree I don't like that people eat these innocent creatures there adorable and whoever hurts them have no heart
Jacian Perez Jacian Perez Its cruel cause animals are people too.
gemma keizer gemma keizer stop breeding guinea pigs for meat
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