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Lucas Cesar Lucas Cesar
Destiny Kupu Destiny Kupu I agree with this "stop eating guinea pigs" gig and i'm with them all the way!
Eilidh MacLeod Eilidh MacLeod Wheep :(
Kaylie Franklin Kaylie Franklin
justus miner justus miner
Aoife Pettigrew Aoife Pettigrew
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig Why would some insane idiot eat a beautiful, gorgeous animals like a Guinea pig?
Robin Beaulieu Robin Beaulieu
Jaylee  Jayleeanimallover Jaylee Jayleeanimallover That is so stupid who would want to eat a helpless creature!! I mean seriously they don't have brains obviously. I love animals and I am not rude so I will never do that that makes me want to kill them.
Mary Del rio Mary Del rio guinea pig consumption is becoming massive , we need to put a stop before its too late for them.
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